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  • Philip Carter

    To understand the New World Order, one first needs to understand the Old World Order, otherwise known as the Ancien Régime or Feudalism. Under Feudalism, society was ruled from the top, down: Peasants worked and fought at the command of hereditary noblemen and lords; who were subjects of kings and emperors; whose continued legitimacy ultimately depended on the Pope; whose wealth, properties and agents were ubiquitous.

    Under the New World Order, society is governed from the bottom, up: Citizens periodically elect representatives from among themselves; who then establish laws and institutions (together with checks and balances); and appoint civil servants to carry out their decisions: In other words, Democracy.

    Democracy arose [as the prevailing world view] during the Age of Enlightenment, in the wake of the social disruption following the Black Death, labour shortages and regulations, and peasants’ revolts. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity came to be the watch words of the age. Modern history is usually said to have begun with the French Revolution: With that, Democracy had arrived.

    The “New World Order” people seem to be worried about today is, in effect, a reactionary return to the Old World Order. To the advocates of Feudalism, Democracy is a perversion, an affront to the proper order of thing, effectively putting the inmates in charge of the asylum.

    The “folly” of this reversal of the social order was once meant to be demonstrated by the Lord of Misrule or the Abbott of Unreason, when a boy or commoner was chosen to rule in place of a noble lord, bishop or king, usually during the period of Advent. Unprepared, he was setup to fail.

    This time became associated with the debauchery and chaos of the Roman Saturnalia. With the lesson learnt, the welcome restoration of order, under those born to rule, meaningfully coincided with Christmas, with the birth of the “Lord”.

    The rationale of the New World Order has been that Democracy involves a learning curve and participation. We were meant to lean from the excesses of revolutions and, just as the judgment of those “born to rule”, evolved as they matured and were instructed, so too were societies expected to learn responsibility and develop competence over time, by educating their citizens.

    The Time is Now! when we need to take stock of our fledgling Democracies.

    We have not participated as fully as we ought in our self-government: The mocking lesson of the Lord of Misrule is at hand and he is among us now. The American people have elected as the most powerful person in the world, a man who is a cunning fool, one who is a modern hereditary aristocrat; they have turned their backs on the New World Order and, in their wake, they are taking us all back to Feudalism.

    Footnote: One needs to draw a distinction between the Catholic Church and the Catholic State. The former is a welcome part of society, while the latter is no more.